Saturday, December 4, 2021

Morning yoga – in bed!

Today we invite you to start your morning with yoga exercises that can be done right in bed – to help you to wake up your body, stretch the muscles and warm up the joints, activate the lymphatic system (which protects us from external viruses and bacteria) and to give you energy to do everything you’ve planned to do.

These exercises are suitable for absolutely everyone: from the elderly, the weak or recovering after a sickness – to healthy young people who just want to stay in bed a bit longer in the morning. You can do the whole routine or pick ones that you feel are right for you.

So, let’s begin.

  1. We start with a breathing meditation.

1.1. Put your hands on your stomach and calmly breathe for 1-2 minutes. This healing breath will enrich your blood with oxygen and gently massage your internal organs.

1.2 The right hand is on the heart, and the left one is on the stomach. Continue to breathe calmly for 1-2 minutes and invite into your heart all who are dear to you: loved ones, relatives, and friends, those who supported you in difficult times, and so on. Send them love and gratitude. Thank life for all good things – for this peaceful beautiful country, the roof over your head, the possibility to work, travel, create, etc. After all, you can always find something to be grateful for.

  1. Now let’s do the body.

We’ll start with the spine, as well as work with the joints of the feet: the feet must be stretched, because 25% of the bones of our body are in the feet and are interconnected by joints. Also, Chinese medicine has affirmed that by exercising our feet we can relieve the neck tension.

Repeat 4-6 times.

2.1. Pull your hands up and over your head, and point your toes downward. If you have problems with your shoulders, pull your arms as you feel comfortable.

2.2. Point the toes of both feet towards you and away from you, then alternate. Then try to synchronously move the neck, pulling up the chin to the chest and returning the neck to a neutral position.

2.3. Squeeze and stretch your toes several times. Twist your feet in different directions.

  1. Proceed to the hands.

3.1. Starting from the wrists, alternately turn each hand in circular motions, flexing the joints of the fingers.

3.2. Massage each finger by squeezing it using the fingers of the opposite hand.

3.3. Twist your fingers by pushing them on to the opposite palm. Repeat a few times.

  1. Now, let’s work the face and neck.

4.1. “Wash” your face. Gently push the cheeks, chin and lower jaw back with the palms of your hands. Repeat several times.

4.2. Pat the front of your neck with your hands; continue patting moving up and down the neck.

4.3. Stick out your tongue out. This, by the way, can relieve sore throat and increase blood circulation. Repeat several times.

4.4. Inflate your cheeks as if you put water in your mouth and move the air back and forth inside your mouth.

  1. Strengthen the muscles of the eyes.

5.1. Raise your eyes up and down for 4 times, and then move them to the right and left. Make 4 circles with eyes on each side.

5.2. Massage your ears.

5.3. Tap with your fingertips on the head and neck.

  1. Massage the body.

6.1. Clap several times on the right arm, both inside and outside, from the wrist to the shoulders. Pat along the right side of the ribs.

6.2. Rub your fist under your armpit (we have about 20 lymph nodes there). Repeat everything on the other side.

6.3. Pat or knock on the upper chest, like Tarzan, activating the thymus (it strengthens our immune system).

  1. Let’s do the legs.

7.1. Pat several times on the sides of each leg, starting at the ankles.

7.2. “Ride a bike”: circular movements of the legs 10-20 times.

The following exercise is great for back pain:

7.3. Bend your knees, feet – shoulder-width apart. Grip the right knee with the interlaced fingers of the outstretched arms. Inhale. As you exhale, tighten your knee to your chest, massaging your internal organs and gently stretching the lower back. Repeat 5-6 times for each leg.

7.4. Raise your bent knees and put your hands on them. Do 5-6 reps, joining and spreading your knees.

7.5. Raise your right leg, bend several times and straighten it. Twist the ankle to one and the other side. Repeat for the other leg.

7.6. Raise your legs bent at the knees, and both hands. Spin your wrists and ankles, move your hands and feet forward and back. Squeeze and stretch the fingers and toes several times. Shake the whole body for 15-30 seconds.

Stretch again for several times.

  1. Final attitude setting.

Put the left hand on the stomach; the right hand on the chest. Calmly breathe a minute or two, filling the space of your heart with benevolence. If you are having issues with people or situations that cause tension, “envelop” them with your benevolence, dissolving tension and negativity. Now feel free to meet the upcoming day. Your benevolence will be perceived and will have an effect, even if at first it is imperceptible.

Have a wonderful day, filled with joy and kindness. Be healthy!

Olga Danilevich, Certified yoga instructor

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