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Mobile dentistry services

In previous issues of our journal, we wrote about the importance teeth and gums for our health, appearance, well-being, and quality of life in general. But what about those of us who do not have time or, for various reasons, the opportunity to visit a dentist? Today we will tell you about the services of mobile dentistry, which allow everyone access to dental services, for example, professional teeth cleaning. To do this, we met with a representative of Arctic Dental Hygiene Clinic, a sweet and friendly young woman Lesia Ilyenko.

“Be Healthy!”:Tell us please, for whom are mobile dentistry services primarily intended?

Lesya Ilyenko:First of all, these services are aimed for people with limited mobility, such as:

  • Patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical institutions with long-term treatment or care;
  • People who find it difficult to leave their homes due to old age, illness, after surgery, an accident or injury;
  • Patients suffering from mental illness;
  • Sick children.

The dental health of these patients is already at risk, as it is influenced by other factors associated with reduced immunity, or a deteriorated state of health in general. If professional cleaning of teeth and other preventative work is not carried out regularly, it can lead to inflammation and gum diseases, tooth disease, and possibly, the loss of teeth.

We also provide services to parents with small children, and people who are simply too busy with work and do not have time or opportunity to plan their dental visits or professional teeth cleaning in advance. Nor do they have time to visit the clinic. With us you set up an appointment at your home or office, at the time that works for you.

“B.H.”:Please tell us in more detail what kind of dental services you provide.

LI:Our portable dental equipment easily fits in the trunk of a car yet we are able to provide the same quality of service as in a stationary dental office – fully compliant with the latest standards.

Our services include:

  • Professional teeth cleaning, stain removal;
  • Polishing, coating with fluoride varnishes and sealants (protective materials for decay prevention);
  • Treatment of gum disease;
  • Treatment of tooth hypersensitivity;
  • Professional teeth whitening using the latest technologies;
  • Custom mouthguards (for sports, nighttime);
  • Diagnostics and referrals for further treatment, if needed.

“B.H.”:Thank you very much, Lesya, for the interesting and very useful information. What would you like to say in conclusion?

LI:I would like to add that we’re fully licensed to provide all of the above services; that we serve patients anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area, and that our services are covered by most insurance plans.

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