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The history of decorative cosmetics and the art of makeup

The history of makeup is as old as the history of mankind. Since ancient times, women have had a desire to look beautiful and to be liked by others. 

Initially, the use of cosmetics was associated with hygiene: the body was lubricated with grease, plant sap, and multi-colored clays. It protected from cold, heat, dampness and insects. Without exaggeration, we can say that the protective function of cosmetics contributed to the preservation of mankind! Then there was a symbolic makeup. Warriors painted their faces to intimidate the enemy, clowns and artists – to entertain the public. 

 The birthplace of decorative cosmetics is considered to be the Ancient East. Neferti, for example, is considered a symbol of Ancient Egypt and an ideal of female beauty. The fashion of Egyptian beauties to draw a dark line along the eyelid to the temple lived to this day. Also, the ancient Egyptians used aromatic oils, used powder, blush, manicure and pedicure, painted eyebrows and eyelashes with powder from coal, and lips – red paint obtained from a special type of mollusks. Did you know that the first cosmetics handbook was compiled by Queen Cleopatra and included recipes for making powder, blush, and lipstick? 

 The glory of the secrets of the beauty of the Egyptian women reached Greece and Rome, and the term “cosmetics” came to us from there. It means “order”. The ancient Greeks paid great attention to the aesthetics of the body, sports, maintaining beauty. Make up in those days was a requirement of etiquette for both women and men. It was in Greece that special white paint was created for the face, the base of which was used until the 19th century. This powder helped to hide the traces of various skin diseases and had a purely decorative function. 

 During the reign of King Louis XIV of France, it was fashionable to powder the face and wigs – also among women and men. “Cutting through” the window to Europe, Peter the Great introduced these fashion trends to Russia, and gradually it turned into a daily appearance care. 

 The fashion for bright “coloring” first appeared in the early 20s of the twentieth century. This was facilitated by the rapid development of cinema and Hollywood stars. At that time, bright lips were especially popular – lipsticks of bright shades, concealer, powder, blush. The big expressive eyes and lines along the upper edge of the eyelid re-ascended to Olympus. 

 Nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century, the cult of naturalness reigns, and make-up became almost invisible. The standard is flawless matte radiant skin, long fluffy eyelashes, and expressive eyebrows, plump and rich lips. How to achieve this look? – A beauty consultant will recommend and teach you a make-up technique, suggest how to take into account your individual facial contours, the position of your eyes, eyebrows and other facial features, correct imperfections of your appearance and highlight your advantages. Also, a professional beauty consultant will help with the selection of corrective lotions and decorative cosmetics.
Please, contact me and I will be very happy to help you. 

 Elena Grozya, Mary Kay Senior Beauty Consultant

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