Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Medical Aesthetics News

What trends and innovations exist in cosmetology and in medical aesthetics? And what of this is necessary for you specifically, in order to get rid of tired and sad facial expressions, to improve the skin color and facial contours, to restore a fresh youthful look, while saving your individuality? How to understand the difference between the numerous procedures for “rejuvenation”? How to find out which procedures are safe, but they work for a long time and can help to avoid a surgery? 

“These questions are asked by many of my clients,” says Svetlana Gogol, a specialist in medical aesthetics, cosmetician. There is such a well-known Polish proverb: “When is too much, it is not healthy,” which means that everything needs moderation and rationality. This proverb is the best advice for clients of medical aesthetics. 

Using my huge experience, as well as the experience of my colleagues, I can say that when you start working with a client, it is necessary to study the medical history of the client carefully, and then choose the right and detailed plan of the procedures. 

The client, in his turn, should obey the instructions after the procedure and follow the recommendations of the beautician precisely. If you want to get the maximum positive result, then organization, discipline, and, of course, patience and trust in a cosmetician are absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it happens often when a client insists on a procedure which is in fashion and which does not suit him for medical or aesthetic reasons. A beautician, a specialist in medical aesthetics is in charge of explaining to the client what procedures are necessary for him and choose them individually. A full plan of procedures is discussed at the consultation. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the products which a beautician is going to use. Study the products and check them via the Internet or other sources of information, you might be interested in whether clinical tests were done, and then find the reviews of other patients who have used these products in similar procedures. Remember, as a client it is always your call.  

The next important point is you should not take an intermediate result for the final. 

It often happens that a client wants to get a result at a lower price and for the minimum number of procedures. Sometimes a client changes the plan or interrupts a series of procedures. Of course, in this case, the expected result is not achieved, and the client blames the beautician or products. 

 Why does the patient stop at the intermediate stage and thereby sabotage the final result? 

 The reason for this may be that the preliminary consultation, detailed discussion of the entire course of procedures was not done properly.  You didn’t discuss the pros and cons, the cost of the course, the number of procedures, and the duration of the result (will the effect last for 3, 6, 12 or 18 months, one year or several years). 

 Questions to ask at the consultation: 

  • Procedures that you specifically need (the names of these procedures).
  • Products to be used (names of drugs, their side effects, safety).
  • The timing of the procedures and their sequence in accordance with the state of your health and lifestyle (eg, sports), as well as your plans for this period of time (travel, events, etc.). 

 After all the questions were answered clearly and precisely, all the options, advantages and disadvantages, cost of the course and etc. were offered and discussed, and a plan was outlined,  only after that you can start the treatment. Such a professional and intelligent approach guarantees excellent results. Choose professionalism, and be beautiful, young and, of course, healthy! 

 In the next issue, we will continue this conversation, and I will tell you about the cosmetology congress in Croatia, where new products and safe techniques for cosmetic procedures were presented. 

 Svetlana Gogol, Cosmetician, Beauty specialist

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