Sunday, August 14, 2022

How to look like a million bucks (without spending millions)

In our world, well-groomed attractive appearance is a sign of well-being and success. The ability to always look good, to dress with taste and style, to have neat hair and smell of high-quality perfume is conducive toward communication, cooperation and, most importantly, toward success in business, politics, and everyday life.

However, having a good expensive clothes and accessories is not enough to come across as a successful businessman or -woman. The overall impression of the appearance is determined by the condition of the skin of the face and body, as well as absence of extra weight and correct posture.

All of this depend on your lifestyle and habits. For example, the habits of proper care for yourself.

Until recently, self-care for many men was limited to morning shaving and a minimum amount of care products. However, more and more men visit cosmetologists, get regular facial massages, and use anti-aging cosmetic products, which undoubtfully improves their appearance, especially with long-term use.

Women, traditionally, pay more attention to their appearance and spend much more time and money on it. However, many women are busy with work, and besides, they have other responsibilities: home, family, children, and much more. A lot of them ask themselves the question: when to have time for myself and where to find money ?

The answer to this question is simple: it is possible to create a care recipe for any level of busy and any budget. Because even minimal, but regular care is better than none.

If you have a limited budget, you can use basic facial skin care. The minimum program includes cleansing, moisturizing, protecting or nourishing the skin, and 2-3 decorative cosmetic products. Also, consider the “New Self” program that includes basic facial skincare products and supplementary ones as well as express makeup techniques with an optimally selected amount of decorative cosmetic products.

And, if for “your beloved self” you don’t deny any time or money, then the “Luxury Care” program is for you! It includes all means of basic and additional care, as well as an individual plan – for maximal effect!

Every woman wants to look like a million! But remember, for the opposite gender your rituals in the beauty salon, in fact, do not matter. For men, it is important that you look fresh, well-groomed and gently fragrant! To achieve this effect your home salon and the right set of cosmetic products are enough. Don’t be too zealous with cosmetology, and even more so with plastic surgery. Men get lost and scared in the presence of “artificial women”. Moderation is important in everything.

So, your natural beauty, healthy complexion, well-groomed skin, a bit of decorative cosmetics, a light plume of perfume, shine in the eyes, and, of course, the main focus of a woman’s appearance is a smile that attracts like a magnet. This is your path to success and happiness.

And we, beauty consultants, will gladly help you with the choice of home skin and body care products and programs. Be beautiful and healthy!

Elena Grozya, Mary Kay senior beauty consultant

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