Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Feng-Shui to attract money energy into your home

According to the Masters, Feng-Shui is not a religion to be believed in. It is rather like the weather; we can believe in it or not but it still influences us.

Feng-Shui can make you healthy, happy, and prosperous. But first of all, the Feng-Shui Masters advise to start from your home and follow a few rules so that your money can “live” with you comfortably:

Rule #1: Eliminate the negative factors of bad Feng-Shui in the house that block the flow of money energy. The corridors and the front door are the blood vessels of our house, through which the life-giving Qi energy flows. So, it is important that there are no obstacles or stagnations in its path – make sure that the hallway and corridors leading from one room to another are always clean, free, and well lit. The creaking of doors and floors, darkness, accumulation of things, dust, dirt, stagnant air, blown bulbs, any malfunctions and broken things are serious obstacles for Qi energy.

The front door should be clean, well-groomed and easy to open – a tight and sound waves generated by squeaking doors, bolts and locks negatively affect the life-giving Qi energy entering the house. Without the ability to freely circulate, energy stagnates, creating the so-called energy blockages.

Rule #2: Go through your storage areas: closets, wardrobes, drawers. Throw away all things which you haven’t used for a long time and even more so, everything that is hoarded or stored “until better times”. These things, by Feng-Shui definition, are energy junk, which makes it difficult to attract money. Remember: getting rid of old things, you clean your house and yourself and open the door to the new.

Rule #3: The symbol of the accumulation and creation of wealth in Feng-Shui is a bucket, including the garbage can, so keep it closed with a lid, otherwise the money will “evaporate” from the house. Besides, never keep it in a prominent place – oddly enough, there is accumulated energy, which should not be shared with outsiders. And, of course, all garbage must be regularly thrown out and never fall over the edge as this creates negative energies.

Rule #4: Faulty plumbing is another source of serious trouble for material well-being. Since water is directly connected to finances in Feng-Shui, the leaking faucet or leaky pipe symbolizes nothing more than money flowing from a house. Be sure to fix all plumbing issues.

According to Feng-Shui, another channel where money flows is the toilet, so it must always be kept closed. Also, all the sewer holes in the bathroom – they should be closed at all times – when not in use. The doors to the bathroom should also be tightly closed.

Separate, but important Feng-Shui advice to preserve financial well-being concerns such a seemingly trivial thing as washing dishes. If you want to keep your finances in your family, then do not let guests help you wash the dishes. Ancient science claims that in this way they take your welfare for themselves.

Rule #5: Pictures and photos. As already mentioned, the water in Feng-Shui is directly related to finances. If you want your finances to multiply, remove all the instances of falling water from the house, such as pictures or photographs of waterfalls. Feng-Shui advises to replace them with images of fountains – so that the money in your house flows like a fountain!

Rule #6: Plants. According to Feng-Shui, curly and creeping plants symbolize the formation of a kind of web of problems, debts and difficulties, in which the owners of the house are inevitably entangled. In addition, the downward trend of their growth contributes to the “departure” of money from home. More than that, cacti and other plants with spines collect negative energy, which means repel wealth. Therefore, neither those nor others should be kept in your home.

Feng Shui believes that homes, same as people, can suffer from a lack of positive energy that affects their strength, mood and health, and can also physically hurt. Our responsibility is to properly care for our homes and create favorable conditions for the flow of Qi. Remember the Qi energy “river” can have three states:

  1. Healthy and full flowing: flows smoothly, gently and freely. Brings health and prosperity, a feeling of fullness, lightness and beauty, helps and nourishes all plans.
  2. Seething, aggressive, strong, but destructive. Occurs where there are straight long lines, sharp corners, sharp objects and structures. It provokes irritability and aggression, quarrels, business problems and money losses.
  3. Stagnant energy. Weakens health, leads to apathy, loss of strength, low income.

Keep this in mind, take care of your home, and then one of the main rewards that the beneficial energy of Qi will bring will be your well-being, including financial!

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