Friday, October 22, 2021

Essential oils for men

Dear gentlemen, this article is for you. Many of you think that essential oils are only good for women and it is not a “man thing”. But did you know that pure high-quality essential oils can be an excellent means of maintaining and even improving health? Here are some ways of using essential oils for men.

You can achieve a high level of energy and great physical shape

Is it important for you to stay in a good shape? Then, regardless of your athletic preferences – whether it is weightlifting or high-altitude hiking, it is absolutely necessary that you have Wintergreen oil in your gym bag. It will help you to reach maximum efficiency in your workout. Also, after exercising, you can also rub it into the skin to relieve joint pains, strained muscles, or arthritis aches, including back pain or lumbago.

Peppermint essential oil has a well-known easily recognizable smell. It can be added to the diffuser and sprayed around to create a stimulating atmosphere and help you stay alert and focused. Besides it can be applied on to the skin after intense physical work as it causes a cool tingling sensation and has a calming effect.

Drink delicious water!

You can flavor your drinking water using pure essential oils approved by Health Canada for internal use, such as lime, lemon, and orange oils by Young Living. Just a couple of drops is enough to feel the difference between this and the flat plain water. We bet you’ll like it! Although make sure you use a glass bottle as some of the essential oils can react with plastic causing adverse health effects.

Skin and hair care products

Modern men care about their appearance a lot, and plenty of cosmetic products for men is available. However, many of such products contain harmful chemicals and so natural pure essential oils become more and more popular. Lavender and mint oils face scrubs can help you look neat and great, and leave a pleasant fresh after-smell. Care product that contain pure cedarwood oil also can significantly improve the condition of your skin and hair.

Nowadays many workplaces prohibit use of perfumes and colognes as it can cause allergic reactions. But did you know that you can achieve the same state of morning freshness just by using pure essential oils?

To portray a successful and confident image of yourself through the day start with a blend of essential oils of blue spruce Idaho, Ocotea, Hinoki, ylang-ylang, coriander, Davana, cedar, lemon, lavender. Also try patchouli, bergamot, black spruce or black pepper oil. Choose the scent that best suits you and better blends with your skin chemistry. Apply 1-2 drops of a mixture of oils on the wrists and neck, and this your very own masculine scent will stay with you all day long.

Pure essential oils can take your shaving routine to a different level! Try to use a cream that is filled with oils from tea tree leaves, Idaho spruce, Ocotea leaves, ylang-ylang, Hinoki, cedar bark, coriander seeds, black spruce and bamboo extract. It provides an incredibly deep and clean shave, combining the moisturizing properties of palm oils, grape seed oil, olive oil, as well as mango and cocoa oils; the razor moves incredibly smoothly and so the risk of cuts and scratches can be reduced.

To improve health, use high-quality natural supplements

For healthy prostate function use natural products that contain dwarf palm extract (Saw Palmetto), pumpkin seed oil, as well as pure essential oils of geranium, fennel, myrtle, lavender and mint. Finally, to relief stress use a mixture of essential oils of lime, lavender, copaiba, Ocotea and vanilla.

We hope the information in this article has encouraged you to revisit your kit of cosmetic products and include pure essential oils in your daily routine. Take care!

Kate Kopylova, Healthy Living Advocate

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