Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Each acknowledgment is a new page in life

To understandand to acknowledge, in my opinion, are different concepts. To understand means to realize something. Meanwhile acknowledgment is a combination of understanding and acceptance, multiplied by subsequent real actions. That is why, acknowledgment is a great thing, and not just an elaborate and fashionable word that has already become repetitive and annoying.

Acknowledgment is an amazing state of fusion of mind and soul, which makes it possible to see the world as it is, without either embellishing or diminishing it. To not create illusions. To not overthink about who may think what. To not be offended and not be upset because of unfulfilled or unjustified expectations from others. These are just our expectations or assumptions raised to the verdict, “It should be like this!”. People often do not behave the way we expect, the and outcomes of situations are not always the way we would want them to be.

Acknowledgment – is the art of acceptance. This is the ability to observe, draw conclusions and adapt in this ambiguous and heterogeneous world with millions of options and views. This is the ability to notice the nuances of behavior and mood of others, and behave accordingly. This is the ability to remain silent at the moment when emotions are going wild or, on the contrary, to adequately respond, without accumulating anger or resentment that can destroy relationships. This is the ability to help and support at the right moment.

I am a happy person for real. I live in a world of respect for the identity of others, world where personal opinion and choice are valued. A world where we all, as much as possible, seek to listen and hear each other. It is a great happiness, when you can be honest with your family and coworkers, expressing a true attitude to situations without fear of misunderstanding or offense. For me, it is infinitely significant and important. Priceless!

Returning to the difference between the words “understand” and “acknowledge.” Understanding is always abstract, acknowledgment is concrete. Understanding the problem is not its solution, it does not lead to changes, to transformation. So, we know and understand a lot of things, but use only a fraction of this in everyday life … For example, everyone knows that we need to take care of our health from an early age, but as long as the disease does not suddenly appear, few of us actually think or do anything about it.

Acknowledgment manifests itself through reflection and acceptance of our own needs, when we determine for ourselves personal rules and live at the maximum in accordance with them. In this case, life becomes conscious, develops more predictably and pleases us with its results.

Of course, trying to have life completely planned out and one hundred percent predictable is impossible in most cases. But we are quite able to bring some predictability into our life. In the next issues of the magazine, I will share with you some reflection and options within my own experience on how to do this.

Mirra Radiy, Life coach

Magical power of acknowledgment

To understand the full power of acknowledgment, first of all, you need to understand the difference between “knowledge” and “acknowledge”. Understanding this can be a great benefit in real life.

Knowledge is information that often has some practical value (otherwise it is simply useless or even harmful information).

Acknowledgment – is a deeply meaningful knowledge, in which there is:

  •  a clear understanding of the value and benefits of this knowledge;
  • understanding how to apply this knowledge in real life.

For instance, many smokers know well that smoking is harmful, but they do not realize how harmful it is and how simple it is to stop smoking. Therefore, they continue to smoke, destroying their health.

Also, “understanding” and “acknowledgment” are very similar but not the same thing. Acknowledgment is a deep understanding of something, taking into account practical meaning and consequences, and, unlike simple understanding, it allows one to proceed toward practical steps and actions.

Returning to the example of smoking. Smokers understand that smoking is harmful, but they still do it. And those who at some point realize how smoking destroys their health and harms their lives can quit smoking “cold turkey”, can’t they?

Figuratively, according to sensations, acknowledgment can be compared to the bright lightbulb that lights up in the mind. Followed by thoughts like: “How did I not understand this before! I have heard it so many times, but I did not understand it!” From the strength of gained acknowledgement, some people can be impressed for several days.

Many people do not realize how positive and beneficial some obvious things can be in affecting their life, health, happiness, and success. The method (and the magic) of this is in acknowledged knowledge.


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