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 “Be Healthy!” in 2018

We are all reflecting on the results of the outgoing 2018 year. What are the results of the year for the magazine “Be Healthy”? – We continued to highlight various aspects of a broad and multifaceted health theme. 

 January 2018: Physical Activity and Sport

Is it possible to “speed up metabolism”? How does physical activity affect mental health? How to determine your body type and what effect does it have on the diet and training system?
The January issue of the magazine “Be Healthy!” is dedicated to one’s physical activity and lifestyle. 


February 2018: Love and Harmonious Relationships

In anticipation of the upcoming spring the February edition of the magazine “Be Healthy!” is dedicated to the theme of love, the creation and preservation of happy harmonious relationships and everything connected with them.
Do you know that, according to Eastern teachings, the relationship between loving partners is viewed as an exchange of energy: a woman, having saved up the energy of the Earth, gives it to a man – through sex, warmth, care, comfort, tasty food, etc. A man accepts this energy, transforms it into energy of creation, and gratefully gives back to the woman the material fruits of his labor. This, according to Eastern teachings, is an ideal relationship and harmonious union.
True love begins with love of self. But what does “love yourself” mean? Does this mean satisfying one’s needs, such as unbridled cravings for sweets, wanting to sleep till noon, or incessant shopping? Or does it mean “accept yourself” and “forgive yourself”?
How to get rid of the stress that permeates our lives, causing illness and premature aging? How to save love? How to achieve real intimacy: not constrained by complexes, painful embarrassment, and multiple preconceptions and prejudices? 

March 2018: Energy is Life Force 

Spring comes and it is time to wake up after hibernation and fill oneself with vital ENERGY, this is the topic of the March edition of the magazine “Be Healthy!”
According to ancient oriental teachings, energy fills absolutely everything alive on our planet. Nowadays, Western science also recognizes the existence of internal energy, and our functions depend on its level. Many people think that ENERGY is our main currency and our most precious resource, not Time. Everything we do requires energy, so our efficiency, success, health and happiness are based on how wisely we can manage this invaluable resource. 

April 2018: The Healthy Home 

Spring is the time of awakening and renewal, the time of spring cleaning  and not only the famous spring cleansing of the body, but, of course, our homes. Therefore, the April s issue of our magazine is devoted to the theme “The Healthy Home”.
Thanks to the eastern teachings of Feng Shui, we learn more about how the internal structure of the house affects the health and well-being of its inhabitants.
But how much do we know about the land on which our house is built and what surrounds it? Did you know that even modern Western science recognizes the existence of geopathic zones, places that our ancestors deemed as bad? Did you know that the plants around our houses have the ability to fill us with energy or, and on the contrary, take it away? Did you know that according to many ancient teachings, the home can be sick just as a person? By what signs can you find out if your house is “sick”? And how to “heal” it? 

May 2018: Summer in Toronto 

 The long-awaited summer has finally arrived in Toronto, and the May issue of the magazine “Be Healthy!” is dedicated to summer.
Summer in Toronto is a wonderful, exciting time. It’s the time of farmers’ markets, noisy, bright holidays and summer festivals – culinary, music, ethnic and many others.
Also, summer is a great time to recharge yourself with solar summer energy, improve or strengthen your health, and put your thoughts and life in order. 

June 2018: Mental Health 

 The June issue of “Be Healthy!”  is devoted to mental health, as one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing and welfare.
According to the ancient Eastern teachings, psychic energy is primordial, and all other types of energy are its derivatives. It is believed that the health and wellbeing of a person depends on the level of mental energy: it participates in all vital functions of the body and is the basis of immunity.
At the same time, according to frightening statistics, 1 out of 5 Canadians experience problems one way or another associated with mental disorders. And this is not surprising. We are all exposed to numerous stresses, such as the risk of losing job, loneliness, social isolation, lack of money, or simply the fast pace of life, chronic lack of time, daily information pressure and other factors. 

 July 2018: Ecology of Life 

 The July issue of the magazine “Be Healthy!”  is devoted to the ecology of life. The ecology in a broad sense, starts with ourselves (the ecology of thought, speech, behavior and relationships) and goes to the ecology of domestic  space, which, of course, not only clean floors and dustless furniture, and it stretches to the ecology of the environment, which is a hot topic right now.
Have you ever thought that beside air, water and soil pollution, now we have to deal with noise, light, vibrational, visual and, especially harmful, information pollution?   The disharmonious, chaotic, unnecessary, inappropriate and unreliable information is really dangerous.
It is really important to maintain your life as ecologically clean as possible. First of all, take care of your own health; learn more about the world and how to live in it properly, and improve yourself constantly! 

August 2018: Diabetes 

 The August issue of the magazine “Be Healthy!” is dedicated to diabetes.
Did you know that diabetes affects more than 11 million Canadians, i.e. One in three Canadians is either diabetic or in a pre-diabetic state. Did you know that diabetes is an insidious disease, the symptoms of which can manifest only with the development of severe complications? It is not uncommon when a person learns about his disease at the intensive care unit, in a condition close to diabetic coma.
What is the true scope of this problem? What are the symptoms of this disease? Is it possible to avoid it? Is it possible to control diabetes, reduce the risk of complications, and prevent it? 

 September 2018: The Social Health 

 The September issue of the magazine “Be Healthy!” is dedicated to the social health. Regardless of our “introverted” or “extroverted” nature, we all are part of the human society, and our health and well-being directly depends on how effectively we interact with it. 

October 2018: Why do Diseases Appear? 

 The October issue of the magazine is devoted to the actual question: “Why do diseases appear?”   Does it happen because of the polluted environment, bad genes or lifestyle: the wrong diet, bad habits and lack of physical activity? Is this because of the negative emotions that destroy our organs or due to the broken flow of Qi energy in our houses and in our bodies, according to Chinese medicine? Or maybe this is due to a deviation from our natural essence, as Ayurveda suggests, the ancient Indian science of happiness and health?

It is well known to the regular readers of the magazine “Be Healthy!” that all the issues of the magazine are thematic. Most of the articles are authentic and original materials are provided by specialists of traditional and alternative medicine, and experts in other fields. So, this year we continued our regular columns, such as the popular page “Conversations with Mirra”, “Issues of Psychology” with Irina Petrova, and the column on homeopathy with Natasha Zarubin. 

 In addition, we started several new rubrics such as “Journey to the World of Healthy Cooking” with chef Doris Fin, “Mushrooms in Ontario are all year round” with Svetlana Poltavets, “Yoga for Health” with Olga Danilevich, “Financial Health »With Marina Neyman-Fishman, as well as a series of articles on the unique exercising method of  Gyrotonic® system with Natalia Botova and articles on the healing qualities of natural essential oils with Katya Kopylova, a unique series of articles on the history of the Russian language with Vitaly Litvinov, a number of articles under the general title “Beauty and Health ”with Elena Grozya and Svetlana Gogol, a series of articles on “ Applied Psychology ”with Elena Beloborodova and “ Issues of Osteopathy ”with Victoria Kraskov, as well as a number of articles about the famous people of Ufa  with Farida Samerhanova.  

 Where could you get the magazine “Be Healthy!”? it is available at stores such as Yummy Market (north and south), Starsky (Aurora & Etobicoke), Aurora Deli, Richmond Hill Deli, Knigomaniya and many others, as well as at medical offices  and dental clinics. You can read the magazine online, our website is You can visit our Facebook page There you will also find the articles from our previous issues, announcements about upcoming events, for example, about our health workshops, information about our authors and many other interesting and useful materials.  

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