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Ayurveda and money

In previous issues of our magazine, we wrote a lot about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of achieving happiness through health. From the Ayurvedic point of view, we are obliged to take care of our material well-being – this is dharma or the fulfillment of our social duty, awareness of our place in life and the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

According to Ayurveda, to be healthy and happy you need to choose your own path – taking into consideration your physical and mental capabilities, and most importantly, with a deep understanding of your natural constitution. Then, consistently moving towards your goal through three stages that are called in Ayurveda: Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Artha is the accumulation of material possessions, which we must not give up on, since we live in the material world and came into it to follow its laws. The main manifestation of artha is the desire to provide yourselves and your families with material things. However, the path to this should exclude dishonor, deception, and violence; otherwise it can lead to various problems and serious diseases.

Kama is the enjoyment of what we have created in the process of artha; the time to enjoy the fullness of life and to develop our creative abilities.

Moksha is the highest manifestation of dharma, when we have already achieved everything in life and, if we wish, we can move away from worldly affairs and devote ourselves to creativity, education, charity, or meditation.

Let’s return to the choice of the path and understanding of our natural constitution. According to Ayurveda, there are three fundamental substances – doshas. All three doshas are being presented in each of us, but some of them always prevail. This is reflected in our appearance, behavior, susceptibility to certain diseases and, of course, well-being.

Here are the three doshas:

Vata,“ether and air” – stands for creativity, enthusiasm, freedom, generosity, joy, liveliness, and activity. However, in a state of imbalance, an excess of vata is manifested as agitations, anxiety, insecurity, lack of integrity and honesty, fear.

Pitta,“fire and water” – stands for ambition, concentration, trust, courage, the desire for knowledge, intelligence. An excess of pitta is expressed in excessive criticality, irritability, excessive ambition and fear of failure, jealousy, and envy.

Kapha,“water and earth” – stands for care and tenderness, tolerance and compassion, groundedness, stability, support. In a state of imbalance, an excess of kapha manifests itself as stubbornness, a tendency toward overeating and excessive sleep, passivity, boredom, carelessness.

In addition to these qualities, the dominant dosha can be determined, for example, by body type:

Medium height, moderately developed body – pitta.

Tall or short, thin figure, low body mass are signs of vata.

Strong, full-figured, well-developed body are signs of kapha. 

Doshas and money

Each dosha has its own way of dealing with money. After all, no one will deny that all people are different, and what is easily given to one, for others is often more difficult to master. Similarly, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the opportunity to earn and accumulate money. Some are born with these abilities, but others have to work hard in order to develop them during the course of life.

Money and vata

 Vata type people often live beyond their means. They would like to live lavishly, to make expensive trips, and have luxury things – their dreams have no limits! Oftentimes, the only obstacle to achieving this is their thin wallet!

Vata people take money matters lightly – this is their nature, and their money does not usually linger for long. They can’t make long-term savings because of constant fear, concern, and inconstancy. They can’t make up their mind; their decisions are spontaneous and often change. They rarely pay enough attention to thinking their business ideas through, let along bringing them to life. Vatas want to get rich quickly. Therefore, they can lose their money to various pyramid schemes or by investing in dubious businesses, burning through it during their adventurous undertakings.

Recommendation for vatas: stay away from any risk. Transform the gaining and increasing wealth to a routine. Introduce strict control of your expenses. Avoid investing money into adventurous projects, but rather into stable bank accounts, government bonds, or real estate.

Money and pitta

Gaining money and power are the meaning of a pitta’s life. Only pittas are not inclined to save slowly. They want to earn as soon as possible! For pittas, money must move! Risk is a natural state for them. However, they can stop when it is needed, showing composure, prudence, and understanding that everything can be lost quickly.

Pittas, as a rule, have above-average income, like to be in the center of attention, drive expensive cars, and buy status accessories – because everyone should see their success and understand who they are dealing with!

At the same time, the probability of losing everything is quite high for pittas. So, no matter how boring it may be, they should have a savings account – for a rainy day, just in cases.

Money and kapha

Usually, patient and calm kapha people have no money problems. By their nature, they know how to accumulate and multiply. Even in difficult times of crisis, they manage not only to preserve their capital, but often increase it. They can purposefully and deliberately save for years, invest in long-term bonds, and securities in real estate.

Kaphas can literally “stash money under their mattress”. The more money is hoarded, the better the kapha sleeps! That said, balanced kapha people are generous. Many of them are philanthropists and patrons of the arts, create various social funds and sponsorships. However, when kapha is unbalanced they can become greedy and obsessed with accumulation.

Overall, kaphas love comfort, large, cars, heavy expensive furniture, good restaurants and delicious abundant food – not show off but because for them it is simply a necessity and a natural need.

In summary, whether you recognize in yourself some unfavorable vata, pitta or kapha traits, don’t despair! It’s all in your hands. You just have to pay a little more attention or have a little more self-control. Wish you prosperity and, above all, good health.

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