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Essential Oils for Children

Children do not distract us from more important work.
Children are the most important work. 

– C. S. Lewis 

Nowadays, to solve many problems related to the health of children and the whole family, parents use very often natural remedies, including pure quality essential oils *, because: 

  • Natural remedies, such as essential oils, help with hypersensitivity and allergies;
  •  Essential oils help to neutralize toxicity in the home;
  •  Essential oils help to relax and stimulate positive emotions;
  •  Essential oils are easily available, versatile and economical. 

  We remind you that we recommend buying high-quality essential oils. Read the article “Aromatic oils: how to choose a product of good quality”, August 2018. 

 Did you know that it takes only 26 seconds for harmful toxic substances from household chemicals, which we use to clean the floor, clean the bathroom, cooker, etc., to get into the body of a child and begin their destructive work? 

That is why it is important to use only natural products for cleaning the house *.
* Please, read the article “Our Home: Toxic or Healthy” in the July issue of the magazine. 

However, remember that when you begin to use essential oils for your child, you must start with small doses and increase them gradually. It is very important not to overdo it! 

 To begin, apply a little aromatic oil on yourself. Thus, you will become a “walking diffuser”; besides, it will be easier for a child to get used to a new smell when it comes from a loved one. Always use the recommended concentration, do not exceed it! 

 Perform the test following the recommended oil dilution instructions for your child’s age; apply the finished mixture to his or her heel or leg. If no reaction occurs within 5-10 minutes, the essential oil is likely to be safe for use. 

 Be extremely careful when using a mixture of aromatic oils for newborns, some kids can be very sensitive to them. Therefore, in most cases, oil mixtures should always be diluted. It is important to strictly follow the instructions strictly. And remember, every baby is unique. 

 Soothing essential oils like Ylang-ylang, patchouli, palmarosa or cedar are very good for mom and baby. Be careful with the use of the following essential oils for babies: Idaho tansy, hyssop, sage, nutmeg sage, wintergreen, eucalyptus. These oils may have too much effect on a sensitive small body.  

You can also use ready-made products containing essential oils for kids. Nowadays on the market there are many products from companies producing essential oils, which promise excellent results from their use. 

 However, taking care about the health of the child, choose a well-known, well-established company that produces high-quality pure essential oils and offers a mixture of oils which are delicate and safe, specifically designed for the youngest, most vulnerable family members. This will guarantee that, for example, in soothing mixtures, baby-safe concentrations of essential oils are used to help you soothe your baby gently. And, of course, it will guarantee that they didn’t use sulfates, parabens, phthalates, chlorines, petroleum products, synthetic dyes and preservatives, and other ingredients harmful to the health of the child. 

Now let’s talk about the older kids. To bring cheerfulness, improve the mood of the child, and start the morning on a positive note, use orange essential oil. 

To soothe the tummy and eliminate small digestion troubles, you can apply the peppermint or dill essential oil on the baby’s belly (considering concentration). For the fastest healing of scratches, use essential oils of incense, immortelle and rosemary. For colds and a stuffy nose, the essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus will help. 

Aromatic vetiver oil can help with the stubbornness of the baby or bouts of aggressiveness. In order to help the child focus and hold attention, there are oils for this too.  

 Once again, we remind you: the child’s body is much more sensitive than an adult’s, so before using do not forget to check that the concentration of essential oil is at the safe level. 

 Parents often ask about how to use essential oils for children. It is well known that it is always easier to introduce something new into a child’s life, if you follow a certain schedule. Therefore, it is better to use oils with the same effect at the same time of the day. Some essential oils can be diluted with water and sprinkled on a backpack, shoes, sportswear or accessories. 

 Also remember that it is important not to impose some essential oil on the child if the child for some reason does not like it. Instead of a positive effect, you can provoke a negative reaction. 

 In conclusion, remember that happy parents raise happy children! 

 Kate Kopylova, Healthy living advocate 

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