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Сколько Вы готовы платить за продление молодости?

It’s no secret that eventually we are getting older, alas. Eventually, there comes a day when we begin noticing grey hair, wrinkles, circles under the eyes, etc. We gain extra weight and notice that our body has become clumsy and not as flexible as before, shortness of breath, we feel elevated heart beat and pain in the knees when we climb the stairs, and lower back pain after practice longed seating. Our Doctor tells us about high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more and more bad news..

And we realize apparently we are aging – our youth is far gone and elderness is approaching. But we are not ready to be old yet! We are not ready to see that old face in the mirror each morning. We still young in our heart And we want to always look  young, and feel fresh and full of energy!
The aging isn’t a pleasant process for everyone. But for a businessmen, having a high position and playing a key role in a large corporation, it is especially frustrating.  Typically, the corporate executives must dedicate themselves fully to achieving the company goals and often they don’t have enough time for physical exercises, proper nutrition, meditation, etc. Due to the nature of their work, their lives are fled with stress, and so they’re prone to sleep issues, constant fatigue, and even mental disorders.

And the executives have hard time accepting this. Strong people, decision makers, they’re used to overcoming obstacles, solving hard problems; they feel they have power to ‘move mountains’. They just can’t stop aging. They could not – before.

Now it has become possible – to reverse or significantly slow down the aging process, to regain youth, strength and energy, and even youthful looks. Now these executives van feel young and healthy again and continue conquering the world! It’s possible with The Toronto Clinic that works with the corporate executives and their families and helps them to achieve the state of health and wellness they deserve.

The clinic has developed a holistic approach to address all health and aging related issues, and beauty rejuvenation.
The World’s best experts in the area of gerontology, cosmetology, nutrition and psychology perform a complete assessment and develop an personalized approach to every client of the Clinic, taking into account existing health issues, but most importantly business and personal situation, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and the overall lifestyle.

The clinic is located in Yorkville – the most prestigious area of Toronto. The mission of the clinic is to keep individuals healthy, energized and productive by delivering personalized preventive approach and provide health care of the highest quality

The clinic provides a full, holistic health & beauty service  to the corporate senior management and their family members on the annual membership basis.

The membership includes unlimited number of visits to the clinic at a convenient for the meme era time.

The Clinic provides preventive health care and performs a comprehensive executive medical assessment, based on in-house laboratory tests, medical history examination, advanced diagnostics and monthly follow-ups. In addition the clients can have a cardiovascular risk assessment, cancer assessment, men/women health issues resolution, nutrition recommendations, weight/additions problem solving, personal exercise/sports/physiology fitness coaching and life coaching.

 Smart corporations invest money in their most valuable possession – their executives who have knowledge, experience, vision, and large professional and personal network. These leaders are simply irreplaceable and so the investment pays off – as the result of investing in corporate memberships at the Toronto Clinic, the companies get healthy, energetic, strong business leaders – ready to contribute in their key roles at their companies and capable of overcoming any obstacles.

Many successful companies in Canada already have invested in corporate memberships at the Toronto Clinic. And probably it is a reason,  why they are so successful. The companies reach dominating positions in their business areas because their leaders combining the wisdom and experience, acquired over many years of work and a splashing energy of youth, acquired at the Toronto Clinic of healing and rejuvenation.
When you enter into the doors of The Toronto Clinic, there is a feeling that you are in the temple of health. Shining interiors, the most sophisticated equipment, welcoming doctors and staff. Everything indicates that there are only the best of the best.

Many businessmen / businesswomen and their families come to the Toronto Clinic from other countries, because of the unique combination of the most advanced equipment and the best talents, which is hard to find anywhere else in the World.

With age, an individual gathers not only physical problems but also psychological. Resentment, depression, irritation, frustration, low energy, apathy and fatigue are coming more often with age. Qualified specialists will holistically solve all these problems. After few sessions with the best specialists in the field of psychology and life coaching you will regain the interest to your life, enthusiasm, energy and love.
The clinic provides the following services:
•        Executive assessment – comprehensive examination of medical records, in-house laboratory tests, physical tests and a complete diagnostic examination
•        Risk assessment and prevention of the cardiovascular system, using the latest cardiac technologies
•        Addressing men’s health issues with a holistic approach
•        Addressing women’s issues with a holistic approach
•        Risk assessment and prevention of cancer
•        Boutique gym for the executives with a personal trainer
•        Executive mental health assessment and prevention of stress
•        Proper nutrition and effective weight loss
•        A unique set of exercises for a better fitness
•        Medical estetics, skin rejuvenation, Laser hair removal, IPL treatments, skin tightening
•        Naturopathy
•        Life Coaching
•        Sports medicine
•        Emergency on-call after hours assistance
All these and many other services are available to clients of the clinic and their family members as a part of the company’s corporate membership.
If the client of the clinic need an additional procedure, for example, MRI examination, MRI clinic may buy MRI time for this client. And customers do not have to waste their time waiting for the procedure, which could take a few months.

One of opinions that we heard: “Our Company has become a corporate member for the Board of Directors and have never regretted it. Our executives have become healthy, energetic, and full of life again. Now they work much more efficiently, with youthful enthusiasm. Previously our managers looked tired, and like they lost interest in life and living, and definitely in working. Now, when our managers are visiting the Toronto clinic –  they are coming to the meetings refreshed, toned and tanned. It makes a good impression on partners and greatly improves the image of the company.”

Diamond becomes a valuable product, when it receives the correct cut and inserted into an appropriate frame. Executive managers are often like uncut (or worn out or chipped, dull) diamonds. They have a strong core, extremely durable material, but to ensure that they shine at all facets painstaking work by gemstone masters is required. One imprecise movement of the master and the jewel becomes an ordinary stone. The Toronto clinic gathered the best experts in the world, who will help to return the ouster to the dull and aged stones and transform them in to the most precious diamonds again.

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