Tuesday, July 23, 2024

“Be Healthy” magazine  begins 2019 with the issue devoted to another aspect of the broad and multifaceted topic of health – the healing power of art!

First of all, we’ll talk about how the healing effects of art therapy are explained. On this note, we will tell you about the charitable organization ART at HEART, which offers art therapy programs for patients in need of long-term care, at SickKids, Mackenzie Health Hospital, as well as in nursing homes, and one such program – art therapy classes for children with incurable epilepsy.

Speaking of art, the most important of all types of art is the art of being yourself, which is what the wonderful article of our regular author, psychologist Irina Petrova, is devoted to.

Our emotional and mental health is no less important than physical health, and we wrote a lot about this in previous issues of our magazine. Natasha Zarubin, Homeopathy Land, who is leading a permanent column on homeopathy, will talk about a new look at the problem of mental disorders – about “anti-anti-depressants.”

Why do people become addicts? Is it possible to “normally” live with diabetes? What are the healing properties of essential oils and what are their uses for children? Speaking of oils, did you know about the medical uses of cannabis oil? Where to find money to pay the treatment of critical diseases, such as oncology, by methods of alternative medicine?  Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the January issue of the “Be Healthy” magazine.


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