Tuesday, October 3, 2023

August 2015

Summer in Toronto is in a full swing! This is the time for light summer dresses and shorts. But what if diet or exercise are not giving you the flat tummy you’ve always wanted? What if the prospect of hot sunny beaches and two-piece bathing suits don’t fill you with joy? Well, as much as we advocate for healthy diet and getting enough exercise, sometimes plastic surgery is the answer. In the article “Tummy tuck” we’ll show you the fastest route to the perfect belly.

On the pages of our magazine we often talk about the benefits of yoga – a great practice for increasing flexibility, strengthening the core, toning muscles and calming the the mind. But even at its very best, yoga is not everything our body requires. In the article “Is yoga all your body needs?” we’ll tell you about what other physical activities you can add to achieve optimal results.

Winter in Canada can be long and harsh, and can leave one completely drained and depressed in the end of it. But what if the winter is long over but you’re still feeling low and sad? In the article “Being sad or having SAD” we will about how to recognize the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression) and the best ways to treat it.

How safe is your tap water? While some use it for both cooking and drinking, others consider it a no-no. To clarify on the matter and answer most frequently asked questions we, at Be Healthy magazine, went straight to the source! In this issue find an exclusive interview with Lou Di Gironimo, General Manager of Toronto Water (Water Division at the City of Toronto).

Why regular brushing teeth is not enough? (Not even when you do it twice a day!) What is in your wine glass? Can hormones keep you young? Find the answers – to these and many more other questions – in this issue of “Be Healthy” magazine.


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