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Attention business owners, service providers and experts in the field of traditional and alternative medicine: Advertising in “Be Healthy” magazine is a chance to reach your target audience!

According to our extensive user research, our main audience are those living in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) within the following age groups:

  • 25-35 «young professionals»
  • 35-45 «family and career»
  • 45-65 «grown-up kids», «time for me»
  • 65+ «happily retired»

All these groups have similar interests and desires: to improve their health and quality of life.

See our Media kit.

Advertising in our magazine has a number of important advantages:

  • We offer high-quality content skillfully tailored to a target audience. All issues of our magazine are themed, and an overwhelming majority of the articles are original copyrighted materials.
  • We don’t overload the pages of our magazine with ads (less than 25% advertising).
  • We present advertisements juxtaposed to the articles of the relevant topic. As a result, the information and advertisements reach consumers (your potential customers!) more efficiently.
  • We promote your business in a comprehensive way by serving your ads and infomercials using various channels: our printed magazine, website, social media sites, internet television, and radio.
  • We create additional opportunities for our advertisers, such as direct sales during meetings with our readers, monthly health seminars, Health Days, and others.

For more information, see our Media kit. For the advertisement inquiries contact us or call 416-826-1601 (direct).

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