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The Art of Being Yourself

We wake up in the morning, get up, go to the bathroom and meet ourselves in the mirror. Morning! We have to spend the whole day together, make a lot of decisions. Do we live this unique today ourselves, or does something live in us and plays us like a puppet? Most often it is the second. And we often …

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Healing effects of art therapy

Healing effects are easily explained if interpreted in terms of a religious picture of the world. Man is created in the image and likeness of the Creator. And this in turn means that he is similar to the Creator in the main thing, in the ability and the desire to create, make, organize the Cosmos (Greek “order”) from Chaos. Therefore, …

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Healing Power of Art: volunteer program “Art at Heart”

Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder that can occurs at any age. More than 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, making this neurological disease the most common globally.  Seizures that can occur just once a year, or up to several times a day, manifest as short-term involuntary seizures in any part of the body or throughout the body. They …

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Is there such thing as a harmless drinking of alcohol?

Sobriety is the natural, normal state of a person, society, and humanity as a whole. There is no, and cannot be, any benefit from consuming alcohol since the basis of any alcoholic beverage, ethanol, is a narcotic poison. Open any encyclopedia or do a search the term “alcohol” on the Internet and you will find out that alcohol is often …

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What is Truth?

The concept of truth is practically not used in natural sciences. Natural science operates with facts  or general truths, they have no moral connotation and therefore the concept of truth is superfluous. However, it turns out to be useful in the field of social sciences. Forecasts made by sociologists and stories written by historians about past events could be called …

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