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Morning yoga – in bed!

Today we invite you to start your morning with yoga exercises that can be done right in bed – to help you to wake up your body, stretch the muscles and warm up the joints, activate the lymphatic system (which protects us from external viruses and bacteria) and to give you energy to do everything you’ve planned to do. These …

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How to become friends with money?

How to make friends with money? Money issues are quite common in my work with clients. I will cite just a few frequently occurring issues with money. “I earn good income. Plus, have a side job. But no matter how much I get, I never have enough – for myself. Somehow it turns out that suddenly my mother urgently needs …

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Osteopathy for bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a fairly common chronic inflammatory disease of the lower respiratory tract, which is characterized by either a narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi as a result of their spasm during stimulation of the vagus nerve, or by immune mechanisms that cause the swelling of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Since the disease affects the …

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How to avoid financial struggles in old age

Old age often comes much faster than we able to prepare for it emotionally, physically, and financially. In this article, we will not talk about the need to eat healthy, exercise regularly and overall take care of your health. Instead, we will focus on how to make our old age secure and comfortable in terms of financial needs. How to …

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Women’s hormone health

“According to a recent study, the number of cases of infertility is growing rapidly among young Canadian families. According to the data, up to 16% of heterosexual couples and women aged 18-44 suffer from infertility, which is almost twice as much as in 1992, when such a similar study was last conducted.” National Post, February 2012  There was a time …

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We are what we eat

You have probably heard the common phrase that people “are what they eat”. Indeed, when you were developing in the womb, all the cells in your body were created based on those ‘building materials’ that your mom used to eat. From the moment you were born, your constantly regenerating cells have been using what you eat for your growth. Therefore, …

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Do you need a will? About the Inheritance Law in Canada

The Will and the Power of Attorney are something that absolutely everyone has to have. Without exception. Those of us who have accumulated material possessions, savings and investments, real estate properties, businesses, etc. And those who have not. Especially, those with minor children. Imagine a situation: a couple with minor children haven’t done a will – simply because they thought …

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Mobile dentistry services

In previous issues of our journal, we wrote about the importance teeth and gums for our health, appearance, well-being, and quality of life in general. But what about those of us who do not have time or, for various reasons, the opportunity to visit a dentist? Today we will tell you about the services of mobile dentistry, which allow everyone …

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Hearing loss: signs, causes and effects

Adult hearing loss, as a rule, develops slowly over many years and, as such, hearing loss is not immediately noticeable. However, there are clear signs that your hearing is deteriorating. Has it become difficult for you to understand telephone conversations? Has it become harder to hold a conversation in noisy places like restaurants? Does it seem to you that people …

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Chemical-free life

Being a graduate of an Institute of Holistic Nutrition I found myself knowledgeable theoretically in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Being a young wife and a mother, I struggled financially keeping a healthy lifestyle. These two experiences combined brought me to well-considered and thoughtful solutions. Here is my opportunity to share them with you. It is not easy for us to …

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