Saturday, May 28, 2022

Natasha Zarubin

Healing after Radiation and Chemo Therapies 

Radiation and chemotherapy are used to treat cancer, but these take a heavy toll on your immune system. Homeopathy can help those who are seeking alternative therapy to relieve the discomfort of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.   Anybody who knows what fighting with cancer means experienced how the quality of life become downgraded, body image gets distorted, emotionally the fight results …

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Women’s hormone health

“According to a recent study, the number of cases of infertility is growing rapidly among young Canadian families. According to the data, up to 16% of heterosexual couples and women aged 18-44 suffer from infertility, which is almost twice as much as in 1992, when such a similar study was last conducted.” National Post, February 2012  There was a time …

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A new perspective on mental health: anti anti-depressants

At the beginning of the New Year festive season, the world-famous, “Time magazine” published a special edition devoted to an alarming topic: the loss of the ability to endure stress, as an increasing trend. The magazine emphasizes that chronic fatigue and depression, resulting from this, is becoming commonplace not only in adults but also in children, especially among university students. …

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