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Women’s hormone health

“According to a recent study, the number of cases of infertility is growing rapidly among young Canadian families. According to the data, up to 16% of heterosexual couples and women aged 18-44 suffer from infertility, which is almost twice as much as in 1992, when such a similar study was last conducted.”

National Post, February 2012

 There was a time when a Woman was surrounded with love and given boundless respect for her feminine wisdom and her deep care for loved ones. Women of this well-blessed land understood their bodies and knew how to safeguard their health. The time of menstruation was sacred – women used to move away from men, celebrating the monthly lunar cycle ritual. It was a time of high energy, creativity and worship of the Mother Goddess.

When a girl had her first moontime (menstruation), she was initiated into the magic of becoming a Woman. From now on, her body, her health, her well-being belonged to herself, and she felt strong and complete. She was taught to recognize the tides in her body balancing two great cycles – between the full & new moons, and Mother Earth.

But then everything began to change. Men took control and started to dictate how things should be. Male healers enacted laws according to which women’s bodies became their property; male doctors asked women to forget their sacred rhythms and connections with Mother Earth. As the time was passing and generations changing, women no longer perceived their menstruation as a blessing but rather as a curse. Male healers gained full control, and in 1809 they performed the first surgical removal of the ovaries, marking the beginning of a long history of cruel experiments and steady deterioration of women’s health.

Then, experiments with hormones began. Starting in 1940, the hormonal drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) was administered to pregnant women who had previous miscarriages or signs of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. DES was prescribed to millions of young women, and only 13 years later it became known that this drug did not prevent miscarriage at all, but caused a rare form of cancer. In addition, uterine adenocarcinoma was found in a growing number of girls whose mothers took DES. Nevertheless, prescriptions of this drug for women lasted until the 70s.

Nowadays, there is growing evidence of a sharp increase in breast cancer and cervical dysplasia among girls whose mothers were prescribed this synthetic hormone. Anomalies among male newborns are also detected. According to unconfirmed yet data, up to 40% of boys whose mothers took DES have a low sperm count and/or irregularly shaped sperm.

The well-known, Morning After Pill contains DES components and is used widely – despite all side effects, and despite the fact it there is no 100% guarantee it prevents pregnancy. Other contraceptives that are prescribed regularly (such as oral contraceptives) completely distort ovarian function by sending a false signal of ovulation – confusing and in many cases breaking the complex and delicate connection between the pituitary, ovary, hypothalamus, and uterus.

The implications for children whose mothers were taking birth control pills before their conception haven’t yet been fully studied and understood. What can help?

One of the advantages of homeopathy is that it allows the restoring of those distorted processes and broken connections, both for mothers and their children – in spite all of the negative consequences of taking synthetic hormones and contraceptive drugs. Homeopathic remedies can help to recreate the original harmonic cycle that exist in every woman and that is so necessary for conceiving and giving birth to healthy babies.

Natasha Zarubin, Family Homeopath

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