Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Brain glioblastoma: New treatment options

Glioblastoma or a malignant tumor of the brain is extremely aggressive and belongs to cancer stage IV. Most often, brain glioblastoma affects men aged 40 years and older.

Traditional treatment consists of surgical removal of the tumor, then a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, then drug treatment to suppress and completely remove the remaining cancer cells.

However, the prognosis of survival for such patients is unfavorable and associated with the complexity of treatment: the difficulty of drug penetration through the protective barrier of the brain, as well as activation of the angiogenesis process that leads to increased growth of blood vessels that feed the tumor cells.

The drug Neovastat AE-941 – A natural complex angiogenesis inhibitor

For research purposes, thymus (thymus gland) mice were inoculated with a human brain tumor (glioblastoma). As you know, the thymus is responsible for immunity, therefore, the own immune system of experimental mice was not able to fight the tumor.

In mice that were given daily Neovastat AE-941, produced by Canadian biopharmaceutical company Aetern, the following was observed:

  • Suppression of tumor growth compared with the control group of animals not treated with Neovastat – 61%.
  • Decrease in the growth of blood vessels feeding the tumor, 50%.
  • The survival rate of mice treated with Neovastat was significantly higher compared with the control group.

In addition, observations showed that Neovastat AE-941 suppressed the production of metalloproteinases by the tumor – enzymes that promote the process of tumor metastasis, and restored its own production of angiostatin, which is responsible for controlling the growth of blood vessels *.

* Scientists at Harvard University (USA) believe that a cancer tumor will not increase in size if the development of a new network of blood vessels necessary for its nutrition is prevented (inhibited).

Thus, studies have demonstrated that the drug Neovastat AE-941:

  • Efficiently blocks the growth of new vessels in tumors and other pathological zones.
  • Inhibits enzymes needed for tumors to grow into surrounding tissues.
  • Promotes the natural death of malignant cells (apoptosis).

The opinion of experts: “The complex mechanism of action and the absence of side effects demonstrate the feasibility of using Neovastat AE-941 in combination with other therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

According to publications of the University Hospital Center, Grenoble, France.

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