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Timeline Healing

We often wonder why everything doesn’t go smoothly in our lives? Why do the same situations and similar unsolvable problems keep returning to us? The fact is that most of us have emotional wounds and injuries acquired in the past, which have a restraining effect and prevent us from living a happy successful life in the present.

There are various techniques to help healing these traumas of the past. We want to tell you about one of them today – about the Timeline Healing method.

What are Timelines?

The Timeline Healing method is based on the theory that there are two types of time – linear and nonlinear.

Linear time – past, present, future, the calendar. Nonlinear time – everything exists in the Eternal Now, which contains everything: the past, present, and future. In linear time, there is one version of the past; in nonlinear, there are a few.

The Timeline Healing technique is based on the principle that there are an infinite number of options for both the past and the future, and you can access any option, any version of your Self, both in the past and in the future, in the moment – Eternal Now.

And, if in one of these timelines your past Self was injured, that can stop you from living today. This technique allows you to return to this timeline and heal it, “rewriting” the events, “healing wounds” on a subconscious level, allowing you to free yourself from karmic load, reprogramming the mind according to the desires of your soul.

What is a Timeline Healing session?

 Entering into a Timeline Healing session is like a regression, and is a deep meditation under the guidance of a specialist in this technique. During the session, in a meditative state at the theta level of brain vibrations, you are led to a meeting with your Higher Self (aspects of your Self existing at higher levels of consciousness); followed by a series of visualizations and immediate healing in your past or past lives.

What is the difference between the Timeline Healing method and other similar methods?

In contrast to classical methods of psychotherapy, you do not need to talk in detail about disturbing situations from your past or present; you are not required to immerse yourself deeply in your feelings and reactions, or to relive them again. In addition, many injuries experienced in the past are often unknown and unconscious, it is difficult to share them for many reasons, and experiencing negative emotion itself does not create a healing effect.

During the Timeline Healing session, you detach from your physical body and mind, travelling in time in a light body with your Higher Self and perform healing by yourself. This journey encourages emotions, but these are not destructive; you can share the arisen images and sensations.

What is the level of healing?

There is a qualitative work at the level of the subconscious and healing (at the energy level) of all six bodies: physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, and causal; which in the process, could have been traumatized in our past. For example, the causal body is a part of the soul that remembers past lives, incomplete lessons, karmic contracts, and agreements.

During the session, these bodies are healed, “smoothed”, and balanced relative to the central axis (did you know that people’s shift of energy bodies relative to this axis was often called “evil eye”?) Then, with the help of your Higher Self, it reveals the root cause of where the difficulties come from in your life and which work goes with healing them. Removing traumatic experiences in past lives, negative programs, blockages, and unnecessary contracts between souls. With the help of this technique, you realize that you are a powerful, spiritual being.

Who is this technique for?

People are different – some are visual and some are tactile. There are those who are overly sensitive and those who sense nothing. This is not so important, because the technique still works. Your Higher Self knows best what you need at the moment. The only important thing is that you are open and positive.

The standard session duration is about 1 hour. It is possible to conduct a session on Skype or by phone – which, in many cases, increases the efficiency of the technique, since the patient is at home, where they can feel calm and relaxed. In addition, after the session it is recommended to rest, in order to reflect and consolidate positive feelings and emotions – which is much more convenient to do at home.

If you are interested in the Timeline Healing technique or you have additional questions, please contact me – I will be glad to help you.

Elena Cartier, Certified specialist in the timeline healing technique

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