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Brain glioblastoma: New treatment options

Glioblastoma or a malignant tumor of the brain is extremely aggressive and belongs to cancer stage IV. Most often, brain glioblastoma affects men aged 40 years and older. Traditional treatment consists of surgical removal of the tumor, then a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, then drug treatment to suppress and completely remove the remaining cancer cells. However, the prognosis of …

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Timeline Healing

We often wonder why everything doesn’t go smoothly in our lives? Why do the same situations and similar unsolvable problems keep returning to us? The fact is that most of us have emotional wounds and injuries acquired in the past, which have a restraining effect and prevent us from living a happy successful life in the present. There are various …

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From a financial hole to financial freedom

Each of us must clearly understand where we stand in terms of our financial situation. Here are four basic financial states: #1: Financial “hole” This is the worst financial state, when expenses exceed revenues, resulting in the presence of debts and the complete absence of any reserves and savings. The biggest mistake that is often made in this case is …

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A creamy golden soup to keep you warm in winter!

There is no dish quite so warming and hearty as soup! While good at any time of the year, it is especially so in the cold months. Soup can be made from a variety of vegetables and other products (including from the leftovers of other dishes). Plus, the same soup can be made in many ways: by adding the ingredients …

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How to look like a million bucks (without spending millions)

In our world, well-groomed attractive appearance is a sign of well-being and success. The ability to always look good, to dress with taste and style, to have neat hair and smell of high-quality perfume is conducive toward communication, cooperation and, most importantly, toward success in business, politics, and everyday life. However, having a good expensive clothes and accessories is not …

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Giant oyster mushroom: How to grow in your garden

The giant oyster mushroom (pleurotus giganteus) is an edible and very tasty mushroom. It belongs to the mushroom family, or pleurotum. The giant oyster mushroom can be found in temperate and tropical countries around the world. Growth season – from May to December, in a warm climate – all year round. It grows in the deciduous and mixed forests of …

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Each acknowledgment is a new page in life

To understandand to acknowledge, in my opinion, are different concepts. To understand means to realize something. Meanwhile acknowledgment is a combination of understanding and acceptance, multiplied by subsequent real actions. That is why, acknowledgment is a great thing, and not just an elaborate and fashionable word that has already become repetitive and annoying. Acknowledgment is an amazing state of fusion …

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Ayurveda and money

In previous issues of our magazine, we wrote a lot about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of achieving happiness through health. From the Ayurvedic point of view, we are obliged to take care of our material well-being – this is dharma or the fulfillment of our social duty, awareness of our place in life and the fulfillment of our life’s …

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“Lost” boys or “Peter Pan Syndrome”

In traditional societies, a boy would become a man only after passing through initiation. Prior to that, he lived among women and under their supervision. Initiation is a mystical ritual held at a secret place, that is associated with overcoming fear and sometimes, pain. The uninitiated entered this secluded place as boys, and returned as men able to make complex …

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Feng-Shui to attract money energy into your home

According to the Masters, Feng-Shui is not a religion to be believed in. It is rather like the weather; we can believe in it or not but it still influences us. Feng-Shui can make you healthy, happy, and prosperous. But first of all, the Feng-Shui Masters advise to start from your home and follow a few rules so that your …

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