Saturday, May 28, 2022

Diet & Nutrition

A creamy golden soup to keep you warm in winter!

There is no dish quite so warming and hearty as soup! While good at any time of the year, it is especially so in the cold months. Soup can be made from a variety of vegetables and other products (including from the leftovers of other dishes). Plus, the same soup can be made in many ways: by adding the ingredients …

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We are what we eat

You have probably heard the common phrase that people “are what they eat”. Indeed, when you were developing in the womb, all the cells in your body were created based on those ‘building materials’ that your mom used to eat. From the moment you were born, your constantly regenerating cells have been using what you eat for your growth. Therefore, …

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Winter “warm” dishes: roasted cauliflower with spicy sauce

When it is nasty and freezing cold outside, we all tend to prefer warm dishes: soups, stews, casseroles and, of course, roasted vegetables, which can be a real culinary delight! Seasoned with herbs and spices, roasted vegetables can fill the house with incredibly amazing aromas, which create the atmosphere of warmth and coziness. They warm you up from the inside …

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Gorgeous festive chocolate cake with beetroot

It’s December! In this winter holiday time we are going to the festive tables with family and friends to sum up the results of the past year, to remember good things, to have fun, to enjoy each other’s company and, of course,  enjoy really good food. Holidays are not the time to diet and count calories! This is a time …

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Truffles. The most expensive mushrooms in the world

Many of us associate the word “truffle” with childhood and chocolate candies in bright, attractive wrappers. How incredibly desirable their childhood taste seemed! Did you know that the recipe for chocolate “truffles” was made by the famous French cook Antoine Dyufo in the distant 1895? First the confectioners in France started producing them, and then in other countries “truffles” began …

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Going Raw

Achieving better health through nutrition is becoming very important as more and more of the baby boomer generation hits their senior years. But more and more young people also embrace the concept of good health and well-being. Many realize that by working on their health in their younger years they will not only experience more energy and well-being but will …

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