Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Healthy Home

Healthy furniture – for healthy life!

Being ardent supporters of a healthy lifestyle, most of us realize the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, the right amount of sleep and a balanced emotional state. At the same time, we oftentimes lose sight of the importance of the eco-friendly home. We’re well aware of the health risks of too much sitting, but what about the health risks …

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Feng-Shui to attract money energy into your home

According to the Masters, Feng-Shui is not a religion to be believed in. It is rather like the weather; we can believe in it or not but it still influences us. Feng-Shui can make you healthy, happy, and prosperous. But first of all, the Feng-Shui Masters advise to start from your home and follow a few rules so that your …

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How safe is your tap water

Safety and purity of public water supply is an ongoing debate in most of the households in Toronto. When some drink and use tap water for cooking with confidence, others consider it as a no-no. To clarify the subject and answer public concerns and questions Be Healthy addressed to the source, Lou Di Gironimo, General Manager of Toronto Water. What is …

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Healthy home checklist

Are you concerned in any way about health issues caused by your house? Here is a healthy home checklist for you to use as you walk through your home. It is a simple, hands-on way to create a less toxic environment for your family. When you are done, you will breathe easier (literally!) knowing that you have tackled the toxics that matter …

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