Friday, October 22, 2021

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Giant oyster mushroom: How to grow in your garden

The giant oyster mushroom (pleurotus giganteus) is an edible and very tasty mushroom. It belongs to the mushroom family, or pleurotum. The giant oyster mushroom can be found in temperate and tropical countries around the world. Growth season – from May to December, in a warm climate – all year round. It grows in the deciduous and mixed forests of …

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Truffles. The most expensive mushrooms in the world

Many of us associate the word “truffle” with childhood and chocolate candies in bright, attractive wrappers. How incredibly desirable their childhood taste seemed! Did you know that the recipe for chocolate “truffles” was made by the famous French cook Antoine Dyufo in the distant 1895? First the confectioners in France started producing them, and then in other countries “truffles” began …

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