Friday, September 30, 2022


Each acknowledgment is a new page in life

To understandand to acknowledge, in my opinion, are different concepts. To understand means to realize something. Meanwhile acknowledgment is a combination of understanding and acceptance, multiplied by subsequent real actions. That is why, acknowledgment is a great thing, and not just an elaborate and fashionable word that has already become repetitive and annoying. Acknowledgment is an amazing state of fusion …

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“Lost” boys or “Peter Pan Syndrome”

In traditional societies, a boy would become a man only after passing through initiation. Prior to that, he lived among women and under their supervision. Initiation is a mystical ritual held at a secret place, that is associated with overcoming fear and sometimes, pain. The uninitiated entered this secluded place as boys, and returned as men able to make complex …

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How to become friends with money?

How to make friends with money? Money issues are quite common in my work with clients. I will cite just a few frequently occurring issues with money. “I earn good income. Plus, have a side job. But no matter how much I get, I never have enough – for myself. Somehow it turns out that suddenly my mother urgently needs …

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About good habits

For some reason, the word “habit” is often associated with negativity, but it shouldn’t be.  I have one wonderful habit of which I will never give up. The habit of reading great books. I cannot imagine my life or my world if such an integral part of who I am was removed. The world of literature has given me knowledge, …

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UNODC World Drug Report 2018

Worldwide drug use has reached record levels  World cocaine production reached a peak of approximately 1,410 tons in 2017; the main producer is Colombia. Also for the two – year period, 2016-2017, world opium production increased by 65% and reached a record level of 10,500 tons. In 2017, cannabis (marijuana) became the most common drug: between 2007 and 2017, the …

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Why do people become addicts?

If life is a game, then why is my level so complicated?  How and why do people become addicts? There are many myths around this topic. Some people think that drugs are from poverty and dysfunctional life; others believe that “the rich have extra money to spend”.  Also, often, spreading of drug addiction is associated with drug trafficking and availability …

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The Art of Being Yourself

We wake up in the morning, get up, go to the bathroom and meet ourselves in the mirror. Morning! We have to spend the whole day together, make a lot of decisions. Do we live this unique today ourselves, or does something live in us and plays us like a puppet? Most often it is the second. And we often …

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Is there such thing as a harmless drinking of alcohol?

Sobriety is the natural, normal state of a person, society, and humanity as a whole. There is no, and cannot be, any benefit from consuming alcohol since the basis of any alcoholic beverage, ethanol, is a narcotic poison. Open any encyclopedia or do a search the term “alcohol” on the Internet and you will find out that alcohol is often …

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What is Truth?

The concept of truth is practically not used in natural sciences. Natural science operates with facts  or general truths, they have no moral connotation and therefore the concept of truth is superfluous. However, it turns out to be useful in the field of social sciences. Forecasts made by sociologists and stories written by historians about past events could be called …

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