Saturday, December 4, 2021


Giant oyster mushroom: How to grow in your garden

The giant oyster mushroom (pleurotus giganteus) is an edible and very tasty mushroom. It belongs to the mushroom family, or pleurotum. The giant oyster mushroom can be found in temperate and tropical countries around the world. Growth season – from May to December, in a warm climate – all year round. It grows in the deciduous and mixed forests of …

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Chemical-free life

Being a graduate of an Institute of Holistic Nutrition I found myself knowledgeable theoretically in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Being a young wife and a mother, I struggled financially keeping a healthy lifestyle. These two experiences combined brought me to well-considered and thoughtful solutions. Here is my opportunity to share them with you. It is not easy for us to …

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What is in your wine glass?

The earth has sulfur in it naturally, and so do many food products that come from the earth. Grapes are one of those, but so are oranges and eggs that come from chickens. Sulfites exist in our bodies naturally. It doesn’t affect anybody. Centuries ago, people discovered that sulfur was a strong cleansing and antibacterial agent. It began to be …

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