Saturday, December 4, 2021

Elena Beloborodova

How to become friends with money?

How to make friends with money? Money issues are quite common in my work with clients. I will cite just a few frequently occurring issues with money. “I earn good income. Plus, have a side job. But no matter how much I get, I never have enough – for myself. Somehow it turns out that suddenly my mother urgently needs …

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Why do people become addicts?

If life is a game, then why is my level so complicated?  How and why do people become addicts? There are many myths around this topic. Some people think that drugs are from poverty and dysfunctional life; others believe that “the rich have extra money to spend”.  Also, often, spreading of drug addiction is associated with drug trafficking and availability …

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Is there such thing as a harmless drinking of alcohol?

Sobriety is the natural, normal state of a person, society, and humanity as a whole. There is no, and cannot be, any benefit from consuming alcohol since the basis of any alcoholic beverage, ethanol, is a narcotic poison. Open any encyclopedia or do a search the term “alcohol” on the Internet and you will find out that alcohol is often …

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